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August, 2011

I've come to design through a round-about path that started with a life-long love of reading and writing. As part of that path, in January 2005, I launched my litblog, Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks. It's had its high points and its low points since, its slow stretches and it frenetic stretches. It's been fun.

In 2011 I set myself to the task of reading a pile of really long books that had been weighing down my To Be Read pile for quite a while; War and Peace, a re-read of Infinite Jest, stuff like that. Near the end of the project I set out to write a post about reading these long books. This collided with some other thoughts I'd been batting around to result in a blog post of pseudo-epic proportions complete with 33 end-notes (and a lot of footnotes to those endnotes).

This wasn't the kind of post Wordpress was built for.

So, in response, I offered two versions of the post. One is the post itself stripped of all notes, which should read quite fine on its own. The second version is a downloadable, printable PDF that includes all the notes at the end of the document along with a reader-friendly grid layout and some nice big made-up pull quotes.

Reader, I had a blast with it.

It's not the kind of post you can write every day (I think it took more than a week to finish and landed somewhere around 7500 words) but it gave me the chance to get a lot of stuff out of my head and onto (metaphorical) paper, and let me experiment a bit further with finding out what design could do for me as a writer.

View the clean post here and download the PDF here.