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Let's try this again

I launched the Folded Note Design site on December 15, 2012. I knew I was launching without blog functionality, but, hey, big deal, right? I could get that done in no time! I'd probably need to, to burn off some of the post-holiday chocolate buzz. I bet myself I could even have this up and running before champagne at New Year's midnight. Heck, I figured, I might even have time for a second glass.

Five days after launching the site, I closed on a house.

My earlier optimism went right out one of the windows that I found myself suddenly and mysteriously co-owning, probably right around the time when, doped up on paint fumes and doped down on cold meds, I found myself learning that no amount of fancy-pants "art" painting experience could prepare one for the challenge of painting a slightly off-white wall with a slightly offer-white.

I figure I passed out, then, because I just woke up the other day and found out that it's April, now. April!

The good news is the fever (and the fever dream of moving into a first house) seems to have broken long enough for me to get this blog up and running, to complete a recent design project, and to start making plans. Or at least, plans for plans. Which I'm really excited about starting to carry through on...right after I finish unpacking.

In September.

Of a still to-be-determined year.


Welcome to Folded Note Design, the online design/motion/art portfolio of Darby M. Dixon III, who promises not to refer to himself in the third person more than is strictly necessary.

This site isn't done yet. I've still got a small backlog of motion and design projects to post. The art section is seriously under loved right now. There's still some technical stuff that needs sorting out, and probably plenty of additional effort could be poured into checking responsive break points, and, and, and. And. You can call it an iterative development process or you can call it getting at least something done before the holidays. Either's fine by me.

But, then, in any case, really, technically? The goal is for this site never really to be "done." There's more projects to come, more stuff in development, and more ideas brewing than I know what to do with.

But, it's a start. Everything needs a start.

In the meantime, drop me a line with any feedback or questions and keep an eye open for updates.

Boston: Living Statue

Took this photo during a vacation in Boston; I really liked the picture, but kept trying to find other things to "do" with it, treating it as inspiration rather than result: drawings, weird digital paintings. Nothing worked. Finally recently realized it's a good fun photo and that's cool, duh. Though of course looking at it again I just want to keep trying to tear it apart into something else. Can't figure out what though.

Bonus points of resurrecting this one: getting the excuse to play a bit with some of the RAW format files I've cluttered up my hard drive with. (It took me way too long to gain any understanding of RAW. Now I have what feels like a sliver of understanding. Makes me want to play a lot more.)

Photo taken September 2012. Posted October 2014.