When I create work for myself I tend to prefer to want to get lost in big, long, involved projects where I can turn up the music and tune out the world and geek out endlessly over details for days and days on end. So I wind up with things like The Reds and Or Eve and then these kind of weird deafening silences between because I'm either bummed out that I finally had to finish the previous project or I haven't quite yet found my way into the next project. I like journey more than destination, I guess. I mean. I do like destination. Destination is great. But. Journey is just so much more...exciting, yes?

I wouldn't call it a bad habit but I imagine there's much to be learned from smaller projects, too, so I'm trying to trick myself a bit into not exactly giving up on the epic quests but at least setting my sights on shorter trips in greater quantities. Not every trip has to end at Walley World. Sometimes you have to go to the grocery store, too. Or even just the drug store. Or the mailbox on your front porch.

So! We get things like the video above, where I'm experimenting with kinetic typography in Blender. I love kinetic typography and I love working in Blender and there's a wonderful add-on for Blender called Sniper which makes combining the two loves maybe not exactly completely easy but certainly far easier than it would be otherwise. (Says the guy who has spent most of his motion graphics time doing keyframing in AfterEffects; bouncing between the two programs is sort of fascinating, a reminder about just how critical muscle memory is to a smooth workflow.)

In any event there's probably about a million things wrong with this test video as I step back and look at it critically; the animation should be much smoother and the lighting could be more dynamic and there probably ought to be some off-camera stuff for the text pieces to reflect a bit to give them a greater feeling of depth and contrast and and and and, but I do kind of like the general flow of it and for being a clip I didn't sketch or script out ahead of time I'm kind of pleased with the way the general flow came together, especially the bit where motion slides under the main title, which just amused me too much when I decided on that.

Also I'd normally prefer to make the music myself for something like this, even though I have little to no business making music, but I grabbed a loop for this one just to get it done. Listening to samples of loops is a surreal and strange and sort of painful experience. Like, come on, Internet, why can't you hear exactly what's in my head yet and just give it to me? Sheesh.