Good news: if you can see this, I've managed to jump to a new web host, without completely destroying the site in the process. Yay!

What's cool about this is mostly cool-to-me stuff. For the nerds out there, I've finally wrestled Drush into shape. I admit, I'm a little embarrassed that it took me so long to do so, but, hey, it does now, and it's awesome. Helps remove quite a few of those excused I'd toss in my own path whenever I'd think up something cool or new I could or should do with this site. Goodbye, tedium of syncing up the local development environment...hello, needing to find new excuses not to run more updates to the site in the future.

Forward-facing updates are minimal at this point while I still kick the tires on my new processes but I'll go ahead and point out the "What's New" block down in the footer and the brand new contact form, two items I can at long last cross off my site to-do list. More fun stuff to come. (I've learned a thing or two over the last year, like from the BECA project, which I'm itching to push a bit further where I can.) There's also been a few cosmetic updates, namely around the blog, which is still responsive but a bit more bold with images at the larger screen sizes. I'm planning on giving myself a little more flexibility with blog post types, to accommodate for more or less text-heavy blog entries. I'm still fussing with a few things. It's cool. More to come.

Pictured above: a bit of the sass behind the site theme. I, uh, need to refactor, just a bit.