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The common advice for any piece of design or art or writing is to remove, remove, remove, until nothing's left to be removed without destroying the work. For me, I find myself fascinated by maximal works, and I struggle a bit from time to time looking for ways to add to something, to make something more lush, more complex, more detail-rich. So sometimes I have to trick myself into adding detail and layer I wouldn't have put there manually. And so we get things like the attached image. Simple ways of getting at not-necessarily-simple results. (Image created in Blender.)

Fascinating advice

I've been experimenting a lot with Blender this year. When I'm not using it to work on Or Eve, it's been easy to kind of stare at the screen, like, uhm, okay, now what? So, pop open a quote directory site, click refresh a couple times, and, well, there you go. Words. Words will do nicely.

Thanks, Goethe.

(Click here for the huge version.)