Eventually, given the time required to assemble it and, of course, render it, this would be a kinetic typography lyric video for the song "Texture" by Catherine Wheel. I've mentioned my predilection for minimalism in design work and this project would or will either give the lie to that statement or confirm it completely, I'm not quite sure which. Of course the whole thing's a bit on-the-nose as far as wordplay goes but oh well.

I've been in the "playing" stage with this project for a while now; the stage that comes before actual planning or sketching or wireframe rendering. So I get things like this that take forever to render only for me to notice everything that's actually wrong with it (like, the fact that I actually got the words wrong, whoops). But seeing these kind of things early on is helpful, encouraging even. I like the general effect I'm getting though I'm less enamored of the grainy shadows than I was when I was creating the images for Or Eve (where the effect was kind of cool and appropriate). I'm working on upgrading my rendering set-up (I'm pretty sure my current machine could get me to Mars faster than it could render a full-length video) so a final piece might be a ways off yet.