I launched the Folded Note Design site on December 15, 2012. I knew I was launching without blog functionality, but, hey, big deal, right? I could get that done in no time! I'd probably need to, to burn off some of the post-holiday chocolate buzz. I bet myself I could even have this up and running before champagne at New Year's midnight. Heck, I figured, I might even have time for a second glass.

Five days after launching the site, I closed on a house.

My earlier optimism went right out one of the windows that I found myself suddenly and mysteriously co-owning, probably right around the time when, doped up on paint fumes and doped down on cold meds, I found myself learning that no amount of fancy-pants "art" painting experience could prepare one for the challenge of painting a slightly off-white wall with a slightly offer-white.

I figure I passed out, then, because I just woke up the other day and found out that it's April, now. April!

The good news is the fever (and the fever dream of moving into a first house) seems to have broken long enough for me to get this blog up and running, to complete a recent design project, and to start making plans. Or at least, plans for plans. Which I'm really excited about starting to carry through on...right after I finish unpacking.

In September.

Of a still to-be-determined year.