I'd never describe myself as a hard-core developer, but I grew up tinkering with enough code to get the gist of it ingrained somewhere into my brain, and I still enjoy working with it enough to want to keep pushing my skills at least a little bit further; there's a thrill that comes from a bunch of text and numbers over here resulting in something cool happening over there. I've been experimenting with Blender over the last year, and the fact that it brings here and there really close together by dumping Python into the middle of everything and letting you go nuts with it out of the box means I've been learning a little bit of Python lately, looking for ways to make lots of cool things happen with as little effort as possible. (Lazy is good, in some scenarios.)

So I've been experimenting with using scripting and creating controller objects that will make lots of other objects do...well, right now, pretty much literally anything, to show I can get that far. Make one cube get big? Make a thousand cubes get big. These experiments aren't exactly the most exciting things to look at. But, playing with the code, slapping scenes together, making cubes dance a little bit, it does get the ideas flowing, and I can see the stories that might just come out of this stuff.

I'm collecting these somewhat tossed-off experiments in a YouTube playlist here.